Leader Within the Hospitality Industry

Experienced mystery shoppers and hospitality professionals can join our team as part-time evaluators. Evaluators get paid to share feedback about their experiences when evaluating businesses within the hospitality industry in their local area. It’s a great way to get introduced to local restaurants and
hotels, while having fun and getting paid! We literally have thousands of opportunities across the nation each month, so take the next step today and
register to be one of our valued mystery shoppers.

Goodwin Hospitality is the leader within the hospitality industry providing restaurants and hotels across the nation with feedback programs in the form of mystery shopping, bar loss prevention, guest satisfaction surveys, and personnel feedback programs. The detailed feedback is combined with our customized templates, personalized customer service, and sophisticated reporting technology to create the most effective and quality driven program possible for each client. Whether your business currently has these programs in place or not, you deserve to experience the difference with the industry professionals at Goodwin Hospitality. Contact us today for a customized proposal and let us show you what we can do to improve and
grow your business.