Robeks has been utilizing the Mystery Shopper Program from Goodwin Hospitality since 2010. The program provides us with valuable, unbiased feedback regarding our customer service and operations. In January of 2014, we began work on developing our audit program by utilizing Goodwin Hospitality’s new mobile app platform. This program, which has now been rolled across our system, is a huge success. The audit app provides a detail overview of every aspect of our operations. The data is submitted and processed in real time, providing immediate results that are automatically sent to each stakeholder. Our Client Services Manager is an absolute pleasure to work with, is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend these programs to any organization in the hospitality industry. Both programs rate an A plus.


Being new to the US market, we selected Goodwin Hospitality from a shortlist of four companies. Quality of customer feedback was our biggest selection criteria and we have been absolutely delighted with the insights Goodwin’s Shoppers provide. Their understanding of our business, ability to comment to the level of detail we expect and provide constructive suggestions on how to improve has been far superior to all of the mystery shopper companies I have ever used in the past. This coupled with the attentive and responsive service from their operations team means you really do get a professional, customized program that really meets your business needs. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.


Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program has provided our concepts with an invaluable insight to our areas of improvement. Their staff has gone above and beyond to deliver top rate service and responds with urgency to any request. The detail and flexibility of the reporting tools allow us to manage our program and provide up-to-date monitoring of our results. I would recommend Goodwin Hospitality to any organization looking to improve bottom line results by monitoring day-to-day operations.


With 46 restaurants across the country, we were concerned about the consistency with regards to food and service, so we decided to look into mystery/secret shoppers. Goodwin Hospitality provided us with options and tools that enabled us to create a customized Dinner Shop Report as well as a Bar Loss Prevention Report. These reports have been a wealth of knowledge. In the restaurant industry, change happens frequently and Goodwin has been phenomenal about making any changes or deletions we have requested. Our representative at Goodwin has taken conference calls with our Operations Directors, created different reporting graphs and tools, and is always so quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have. In addition, Goodwin actually caught fraudulent activity at one of our sites. They are amazing! We use the Goodwin reports as one part of our training and developing tools, and through this service, we have pinpointed areas of growth at each location. Thank you Goodwin Hospitality.


Atomic Wings has been using Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program for several months now. It has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and flexibility to meet our specific needs. Our units’ operations have steadily improved with the objective and useful feedback provided since the program’s inception. This program makes our operational support much more efficient and nimble, and for that we are extremely grateful. The cost benefit factor is pretty much unbeatable. I wish I would have started using them years ago, but at least I can use them for years to come


Before I met with Goodwin, the mystery shopping firms that I’d experienced seemed to take a very cookie cutter approach to gathering data. I also had ethical concerns about the mystery involved, and its impact on our employees. What impressed me about Goodwin was that they had done their homework. They were familiar with our history, and they had obviously experienced our restaurants. They were able to talk frankly with me about our strengths, and how their customized services could help us capitalize on these strengths. I decided to give them a try and have absolutely no regrets. In just a few short months, they provided us with a wealth of data that we can actually use to improve our internal inspection systems. I also appreciated Goodwin’s help in communicating with our employees. With Goodwin’s assistance, I’m confident that mystery shopping can improve communication throughout our organization.


Goodwin Hospitality provided our company with a platform that proved to be one of the best teaching tools for our employees that we have ever implemented. It encouraged our employees to improve in every facet of their job by providing great feedback to build on. It also rewarded those employees who were already performing at a high level with a confirmation of their great effort. We will definitely be utilizing their services in the years to come.


Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program has provided our concepts with an invaluable insight to our areas of improvement. Their staff has gone above and beyond to deliver top rate service and responds with urgency to any request. The detail and flexibility of the reporting tools allow us to manage our program and provide up-to-date monitoring of our results. I would recommend Goodwin Hospitality to any organization looking to improve bottom line results by monitoring day-to-day operations.


Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program has helped us better understand our guests as it relates to our standards. It gave us a better insight on all our dayparts. Our Client Services Manager has been very accommodating with any concerns or changes that we need in order to make the program more effective for our restaurants. Overall, the Mystery Shopper Program has definitely been a key in taking the level of our service from great to truly Super Duper!


We had long sought a suitable replacement for the shopping service that my father helped found. After a few false starts with other companies, I was contacted by Goodwin Hospitality. We built a shopping form that was completely customized for us and even further distinguished that our shoppers did not possess any clear biases against our concept or types of food we serve. The fact that, with this company, the shoppers’ cost of food they eat on their shop is not borne by us, makes this an affordable, valuable, and relevant tool which we use to sharpen our focus. We use these reports to correct any deviant practices as they arise, so we can put forth our best efforts in this ever-challenging hospitality environment. I heartily recommend them, except to my competitors, because I’m truly happy for those competitors to continue giving sub-par service! This company provides a great tool, which when used, can definitely help your organization hit its performance goals!


The Mystery Shopper Program has proved to be a valuable tool in the assessment of the operation of our establishments. We are able to tailor our shop criteria to provide us with information most pertinent to our concept, and tailor shop criteria over time to reflect specific in-store initiatives. Our staff appreciates our posting of completed mystery shops as a communication tool, reinforcing their positive performances and providing often-detailed commentary as they strive to improve.


This is a great tool for our retail business. We get to see what really happens in our stores when we aren’t behind the counter. We have been using the results to train staff and reward excellent service. Overall a success.


Working with the team at Goodwin Hospitality has been a collaborative effort to build a mystery shop program that helps support our company’s standards and vision across our enterprise. They have been very accommodating and listened when we discussed our needs as a franchisor and also what we wanted the program to deliver to our franchise partners. The amount of detail and ease of access to the data through the reporting tools provide us with a clear picture of service trends and operational opportunities that are impacting a single store or the entire system. Every shop report and the insight it provides are great tools to communicate feedback about excellent performance and address areas of opportunity across all levels of our system. I appreciate the support Goodwin Hospitality has provided and the value add it delivers to our company.


Goodwin Hospitality has been an invaluable tool in evaluating our service standards. It provides a customer’s perspective that we can’t get any other way. On top of this, the customer service and hands on approach from them has been a delight and better than any other company we have used in the past. Also, the reports are amazing tools in our manager meetings and employee evaluations. Thank you to Goodwin and Associated for providing a top level service.


I have used a number of other Mystery Shopper services over the last 10 years. My contacts at Goodwin Hospitality have far exceeded the competition. Personal contact through the set up process and ongoing support put them ahead of their competition. They set the example of true customer service.


I just received a couple of completed mystery shopper reports and they look great. This is a much better program than what we were doing prior to your service. I look forward to a good business relationship with Goodwin. I probably should have signed up sooner!


Goodwin Hospitality supply us with mystery shops that we can use to improve our business. The shoppers are people who dine in restaurants in our segment, and truly know and appreciate good food and service. This gives the entire shop credibility with the operators. The overall price is reasonable and well worth the information.


I have used a few different services and nobody else has provided the quality and insightful reporting as Goodwin Hospitality has. In my line of work I cannot be everywhere at once. Not enough time in the day. You need assistance of all sorts and a good spotting company can practically be like a personal assistant. Everybody puts on a good face when the boss is there, but what happens when you are not? The customer experience is of paramount importance to me, and with the help of Goodwin Hospitality I am better equipped to ensure that experience is of the quality I expect. Our spotting reports are not only a tool and a report card of sorts for our managers, but a training tool as well for all of our front of house staff.


We have been working with Goodwin Hospitality now for a few years and we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service. The shops that you provide have been very helpful to us and have taught us things about our food and service that we may not have otherwise learned. We appreciate the fact that whenever we request a specific change, whether it be to the shop report itself or to the demographics of the shoppers, you quickly make that adjustment, working closely together with us to make sure that we are all on the same page. We appreciate the fact that when we need to speak with you, you are quick to respond and when we have suggestions on ways you can improve your services, you are open to suggestions. It also helps that you contact us prior to each shop to see if there are any specific food items or staff members we would like to focus on in the upcoming shops. We look forward to our on-going working relationship with Goodwin Hospitality.


Goodwin Hospitality has been a great help to our business. It keeps us aware of the great things our stores are doing, any problems our customers are having with their experience, and teachable situations that crop up with our employees. If something goes awry with a shop, the team is right there to help our stores and our business. It’s a pleasure to work with them.


Our desire to have great food and service is not enough. We train for it daily and needed the ability to measure it in some way. Using the Mystery Shopper Program has improved our service and effectively completed our desired 360 degree comprehensive training and evaluation program. We use the information on each mystery shop as a tool to ask for, and receive, better performance from our staff. Our employees actually like the feedback as they are recognized for a job well done. The results of the program are great service and a much better Flatbread experience than before the mystery shops. Thank you Goodwin Hospitality!


Goodwin Hospitality has provided a great way to monitor and keep track of the overall performance in my restaurants. I use it at all four locations and it has helped identify the areas each location excels in, as well as what areas need more improvement. The Goodwin staff is extremely accommodating and helps tailor the reports to be an accurate representation of what we expect from our staff. It has been wonderful tracking the progress of each of the restaurants through their easy to navigate online services.


Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program has improved our level of customer service, quality control, as well as overall experience for our clients. It has shown us all areas that need additional development and gives us insight to what is working through our training programs and ensuring our focus is directed properly. Without this valuable tool, consistency could suffer as well as continued growth contributing to building a strong customer base. Having true unbiased feedback is invaluable for our success and keeping the integrity of our priority which is hospitality.


We are extremely pleased with the Goodwin Mystery Shopper Program which has easily integrated into our Customer Service Training due to the flexibility and adaptability of their services. Everyone at Goodwin has been great to work with!


Goodwin Hospitality secret shopper (spotter) program has become a great tool for Harvest to improve both food, service and total hospitality. We rely on this service to keep score in our eight properties and to improve individual performances as well!


I can only say that if I knew about the Mystery Shopper program 16 years ago I would probably be a rich man today. It is by far the most useful and important tool we have to determine customer satisfaction as well as internal concerns such as appearance, hospitality, and consistency. Thank you for providing such a valuable service to our business. Yours is the one expense we will not consider cutting in this bad economy.


With rapid expansion and frequent menu changes, we not only thrive on but desperately need honest, transparent feedback from our guests. Goodwin’s Mystery Shopper Program provides an efficient means to accessing the treasure trove of customer data, including the highly valued constructive criticism on opportunities for improvement. Game-changing analytics are delivered directly to our inbox. Thank you Goodwin for helping us better serve our guests.


We are loving our shops. They have become a very useful tool in our improvement. We reward our servers/bartenders with great shops and we counsel/part ways with those with poor shops. It helps keep my managers on their toes and shows the staff what points we are looking to hit.


We’ve been using your Mystery Shopping service for 6 years and it has proven to be an integral part in how we do business. You have been able to stay “undercover” all this time and have kept our servers and managers on their toes. The very detailed reports, reporting methods, and communication, along with the fact that you’ve brought us new customers make our partnership continue to grow each year! Your constant efforts to find the best shoppers help us to continue to do the same with our staff. Thank you!

We are very pleased with the services provided by Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program. The monthly dining shops provide valuable insight ensuring the continued growth and success of our organization. We are most appreciative of the timeliness of the report following the shop, which allows for an immediate response by our management team. We value our relationship with Goodwin Hospitality as we strive to reach our single goal for delivering outstanding, highly personalized service to every guest.

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The program is working great for us! We’re thrilled with the way the shops are being conducted and reported and we’re especially impressed with our contacts at Goodwin.


The Wild Wing Café restaurants find the mystery shops completed by Goodwin Hospitality to be extremely helpful in evaluating our service and quality. Each of the shops gives us important information we can feed back to the employees for continued improvement and for positive reinforcement.


The shops are an incredible tool to understand how the clients qualify your business. Their reports help you to guide your team to reach goals and help you in tracking the problems that you are trying to fix. They are an excellent way to create an incentive and reward program. We are very happy with the company’s job and we appreciate that they constantly renew the reports and the technology. Thank you for everything!


Fajitas & ‘Ritas has been a satisfied customer of Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program since January of 2005. We have found Goodwin to be flexible and responsive to our shopper needs; and have been reasonably priced. We consider the program to be an invaluable investment in our overall staff training.


Goodwin Hospitality provides me valuable, impartial opinions of our guest’s experience as well as hard data that that can be used by our staff and management to target deficiencies and build improvement.


Legendary Restaurant Group has been using Goodwin Hospitality for some time now and have found that we get accurate and helpful information in a timely fashion and we are able to help manage our customer relations with the feedback we get.


MacAllisters Grill & Tavern has employed the services of the Mystery Shopper Program and it has become an integral part of our overall business. The program is two fold in allowing us to monitor the staff and their service techniques and the quality of our food served, plus analyzing the possible weaknesses that occur within the daily running of the restaurant. The program is now a monthly tool to ensure we meet the high standards that we set out in our business plan and is very effective in maintaining our overall goals’


Goodwin Hospitality has provided an invaluable service by doing what we can’t, which is to sit in the customer’s seat. The Mystery Shopper Program has provided us with direct and honest feedback that impacts our bottom line. Always professional and confidential.


I absolutely love the services provided by Goodwin Hospitality and it is proving to be a great tool with my whole staff! My staff has become really caring about each and every customer that comes in, because they have no idea WHO the mystery shopper is! I really wish I would have found out about this a long time ago.


Goodwin knows how to get to the real reason behind an employee’s departure, helping us plan better…They’ve also doubled the number of exit interviews obtained.